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Raid Rules and Regulations

Blackheärt / Sep 24, 2016
Greetings fellow adventurers...

Raiding with prophecy is a lot of fun but like any guild, there are rules to follow... some of our rules are very strict and others lenient but they are expected to be followed by every member (including officers).

One of the most important rules is showing up on time. Many guilds have problems with people showing up late, this will not be the case here. If you show up late you will receive a warning. 3 warnings and you will be removed from the team. Regardless of being casual or progressive.

To be clear... As it sits, all raiders are expected to be online and ready to go no later than 10 minutes til start, at the entrance to the raid. First pull is on the raid start time, not the time we meet to start preparing.

Why? Because people are depending on you to be there. The only exception to this rule is if you let us know ahead of time that you will be late. If you let us know either by posting on the forums or contacting your team's raid leader in game from armoury, mail, or whisper there is no consequences to worry about.

We do understand that real life comes first, but there is a difference from being dependable and a team player and just showing up late.

Something we do different here at Prophecy that a lot of guilds don't is give everyone a fair shot at getting loot. We clear up as a guild not as individuals. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts and having a few people exceed gear beyond the rest of the team only results in a broca divide (split or severed group).

Our looting system works as such:
For normal runs we will use personal loot simply because at this point it's easier and quicker for everyone involved. Progressively, we will be using master looter further into the raiding season with our share the wealth policy.

Our policy for sharing the wealth works as such:
If you had already looted a piece of gear from this current raid that someone else could benefit from, their roll will carry more weight than yours regardless of what you roll. By sharing our gear we improve as a team, not as individuals which will make every run through easier and easier and we will progress. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

In addition, to prevent late-comers in our progressive team(s):
If you show up late for any reason... even with a valid reason, you will not be eligible for loot off the first boss you kill when you come in. You will need to help down a boss first, and will be able to receive loot from the next boss.

For raiding we have chosen to use TeamSpeak 3 as our voice communication service. This is non-negotiable. We will not be using Discord, Ventrilo, or any other alternative. We have found TeamSpeak to be a reliable, stable and fruitful option for us capable of supporting push to talk and voice activation with little lag and full functionality with lots of features to suit our needs.

When raiding, all members both progressively and casually are expected to be on TeamSpeak and able to at minimum listen so they can follow the instructions of the raid leader. You do not require a mic, but it is helpful.

For our progressive teams, during boss fights, all side conversations need to stop immediately. During non-lethal trash some chit chat is fine, but when the going gets tough, let everyone concentrate on getting through with less mistakes.

During boss fights, once the pull timer is up, no one should be talking except the raid leader, tanks for swaps, and important callouts such as interrupts or critical events that need to be addressed that the raid leader may miss.

This is an early listing of the regulations for Legion-based raiding and is subject to change. Please keep an eye on this for changes


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